Give the gift of Uber credit with Vouchers

Send a voucher to your employees or customers to cover the cost of their trips and meals

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How do vouchers work?

You distribute Uber credit to recipients and set controls such as expiration dates, location restrictions, and/or day and time the credit can be used. Recipients can request trips or meals from their Uber or Uber Eats app and apply the voucher toward their purchase. 

Elevate any experience with Vouchers

Buy lunch for sales prospects

Offer to cover the cost of lunch by sending vouchers to your top sales prospects. Food always helps to get the conversation started.

Provide a unique employee perk

Whether it’s a trip to a work event or a monthly stipend for meals, Vouchers can help keep your people happy and motivated.

Enhance your recruiting

Roll out the red carpet for candidates and ensure that they’re on time by subsidising trips to and from the interview.

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